Monday, June 11, 2012

Vamp It Up

I have spent the last three weeks dealing with an awful case of poison ivy and poison sumac. Between scratches I was able to read a few books. So here is my first review back from the edge of itching insanity.

"The Vampire Stalker"
By Allison Van Diepen
For Ages 12 - 16
     Think "Twilight" meets "Inkheart." Vampires leap from the pages of a popular book series into modern day Chicago and adventure and mayhem ensue. Rated 3.75 (vampires, romance, violence) 
     Amy is a 17-year-old fan of the popular "Otherworld" books. She has become so infatuated with the sordid adventure series, that she has fallen in love with the main character, Alexander. He is a brooding and very handsome vampire hunter. When Alexander and his arch-nemesis Vigo unknowingly enter our world it doesn't take long for panic to take hold in the city. Amy befriends Alexander and helps him discover a way back to his world. But before he can go back they have to find Vigo and kill him.
     It's not a new idea -- bringing characters from the pages of a book to life -- but Van Diepen does a good job keeping the story lively and fun. Sure you have to suspend disbelief and that can be difficult at times. The fact that Amy's mother is so willing to let Alexander stay in their condo without any knowledge of who he is may be the hardest thing to believe. The teen relationships and dialogue are fairly accurate and entertaining. The action is sprinkled throughout to keep the tempo up. And when Amy's snotty younger sister is kidnapped by Vigo things get very intense.
     Unfortunately the whole book is a little too predictable, not that it will matter to most teen readers. The idea of overly romanticized vampires coming to life will appeal to many readers, especially young "Twilight" fans. 

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