Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Too Deep

As the weather continues to grow warmer more people are planning summer vacations. Where do you like to go? The mountains? The beach? I grew up at the beach so I love to return as often as I can. I even like spending time at an aquarium when possible. It just makes me feel more at home. Strange, I know.
I even like reading books that take me to the beach or ocean. That is why I recently read a book called "Dark Life," which takes place on the ocean... and in it.

"Dark Life"
By Kat Falls
For Ages 10 - 14
The post-apocalyptic story of "Dark Life" is packed full of suspense, and peril. This undersea tale is set in a science fiction backdrop right out of the movies, but the plot is pure action-adventure with good guys, bad guys, and governement conspiracies. Rated 4 (science fiction, action, peril, violence)

In a future where land is scarce and the population is extremely crowded the new land rush is under the sea. You won't find Ariel or Sebastian the Crab in this tale of pioneers farming the ocean floor for a land deed. This intriguing post-apocalyptic story follows 15-year-old Ty, the first child born under the sea, and his family. His parents helped develop the underwater homesteads and Ty's younger sister has a way with the sea life. When "Topsider," 15-year-old Gemma runs into Ty he feels obligated to protect her. Throw in a missing brother, a gang of pirates, government conspiracies, plenty of undersea wonder, science-fiction, action galore, and a touch of teen romance and you have a pretty exciting book.

The science fiction and futurescape are only backdrops to this tale. The real story is in the character building, the battle to survive on the frontier, the terror of the Seablite gang, and the suppossed government conspiracy. The premise is intriguing and there are enough twists to keep the plot from becoming too predictable. The "dark gifts" the undersea children develop are an interesting aspect of the story as well. Maybe they will be explored more in future adventures.

Katt Falls delivers a very cinematic action-adventure from the opening sequence right to the end. She smartly sprinkles a few slower paced chapters in so you can catch your breath, stretch your legs, and dive back into the nail-biting suspense. "Dark Life" is a fun book, but it's not for the young or faint of heart. Ty, Gemma, and just about all the pioneers face life-threatening situations on a regular basis. Older kids and teens should enjoy it though.