Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Ordinary Princess

When I run through my neighborhood I see family upon family playing in their yards. They play catch, soccer, basketball, chase, and just about anything else you can think of that is fun. Last week I saw one family playing on their playground and I can only imagine that since there was a little girl dressed up like a princess standing at the top of the tree house portion of their playground, the daddy the daddy must have been a night out to rescue her. Whatever their game was it reminded me of a wonderful book I read on a recent trip to the bookstore.

“The Secret Lives of Princesses”

By Philippe Lechermeier
Illustrated by Rebecca Dautremer
For Ages 4 - 10
This beautifully illustrated book takes you well-past the fairytale princesses you’ve met in movies. With charm and humor the world is introduced to a bevy of enchanting, magical and captivating royal ladies. Rated 4.5 (poetry, humor, beautiful illustrations)

I imagine this is how Shel Silverstein would have handled the world of princesses - with a deft use of language, poetic rhyme and a touch of quirky humor that makes both children and parents laugh. You’ll meet Princess Oblivia, who forgets everything, and Princess Tangra-La who never met a dance she didn’t like. You’ll also learn how not to offend dangerous fairies who cast evil spells. The illustration add beauty and charm to the already creative romp through fantasyland. At 88 pages the only drawback to "The Secret Lives of Princesses" is it's length. If you have any princesses in your life this is definitely a book for them.