Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crazy Weather, Anyone?

We had a few tornado warnings this week The kids had to run their drills during the school day. It must have made a big impact because that was the entirety of our dinner conversation that day. All of the storms got me to thinking about books where weather is a character in the story. I've read several over the last few months. Here's one your preteen readers may enjoy.


By Garth Nix and Sean Williams
For Ages 9 - 14
Storms and special powers deliver an exciting tale as siblings battle evil in a small ocean-side town. Rated 3.75 (peril, creep-factor, mystery/action)

Shortly after their father arrives home from a long trip, Jack and Jaide are caught in a very strange storm. why is it strange? First, it is in their house. Second, strange voices emanate from the storm. Thirdly... aren't the first two enough? Jack's and Jaide's father manages to get the siblings out of the house just before the entire thing is destroyed. They have no idea what is going on, but their father seems to know something. Unfortunately for Jack and Jaide, they are shipped off to live with their Grandma X and her two unique cats in a small Portland town before their father explains anything. You'd think with a start like that this story would be off and running from page one. Unfortunately it takes a while for the to get moving. However, when it does get moving “Troubletwisters” is non-stop action. As the story progresses Jack and Jaide discover they have special powers and they must learn to wield quickly. Evil is coming and it wants to claim the preteen siblings, just as it does rats, insects and even some people. Jack and Jaide are in a great deal of peril thought the story and the creepiness factor is high. Younger or immature readers may want to steer clear of this series. But fans of Garth Nix’s and Sean William’s other works should enjoy “Troubletwisters” as well.