Sunday, July 8, 2012

Extreme Weather Palooza

The recent record heat wave has people talking about the "crazy weather" again. So let's review another book that is all about weird weather.

"Eye of the Storm"
By Kate Messner
For Ages 10 - 14
Politically-tinged storm and action adventure. Rated 2.5 (extreme storms, genius teens, peril)
We’re destroying the environment with internal combustion engines. The weather is getting crazy. Corporations are evil and the military can’t be trusted. And if you work too much you’re harming your children. If you believe at least a couple of these statements you’ll love "Eye of the Storm." However, if you think that these statements are political propaganda you’ll want to keep this book out of your children’s hands.

All political views aside, there are some serious problems with this story. "Eye of the Storm" is a tornado-driven adventure that follows 13-year-old Meg and her science summer camp comrades as they try to save the planet from an evil mastermind that wants to use tornadoes to control the world. It’s full of action – one storm after another – which adds excitement but the characters and plot are woefully thin. The science, which begins as a very interesting aspect of story, is quickly over-explained until the it's simply convoluted. 

I was not a fan and suggest that if you want a storm-driven story that delivers, try the "Storm Runner" series instead.