Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Wanna Rock!

American Idol ends tomorrow tonight and, I believe, that marks the end of the reality music competition shows for this season. Don't worry. Don't fret. I found a book that will bring the music to your house.

"So You Want to Be a Rock Star"
By Audrey Vernick
Illustrated by Kirstie Edmund
For Ages 4 - 10
Think rock 'n' roll camp in a book and you'll find the melody in no time. Rated 4.5 (rock 'n' roll, how to, music)
Are you ready to rock? Are your children inspired to bounce, sing and dance around the house by the pop stars from Disney and Nickelodeon? Then your budding rock stars will love this rollicking "how to" guide for air guitar, rock 'n' roll sneering and dressing for stardom. Definitely not for bedtime, Vernick's text encourages readers to get up strike a pose, singly loudly and prepare for a lot of fans. And anyone who has a TV show and a "you-ride"at an amusement park had better learn how to sign their autograph.
Edmund's highly graphic and retro illustrations complement the rambunctious text with a playful style that brings out the colorful qualities of rock 'n' roll. Parents and children can really let loose and have a good time with this refreshing tale... again and again.

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