Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heroes Unite

Every child has dreams of having super powers at one time or another. I could fly in my dreams, but I usually had to be on my bike. I guess "E.T." had a big impact on me as a child. I decided to feature a couple books about superheroes in this column. 

By Barry Lyga

For Ages 9 – 12
Comic book fans, and kids who like the idea of superheroes, will have fun with this fast-paced adventure. "Archvillain" mixes many of the mythologies of Superman, Spiderman and other well-known super hero tales and mixes them with teen drama. Rated 4 (teen drama, super powers, anti heroes)
There is a new super kid in town and his name is Mighty Mike. It all began one boring night in the town of Bouring when something exciting happened – a plasma storm. The next thing you know a kid with amnesia and super powers is discovered. Everyone thinks he’s a hero. That is, everyone except Kyle. He knows the truth because he was in the same field when and where the plasma storm occurred. Kyle also gained superpowers that night. Now he is ready to do what has to be done to expose Mighty Mike as a fraud, even become an archvillain.

Readers will enjoy how Kyle turns everyday objects into fantasy gadgets. They'll also relate to his authentic middle school persona. There is plenty of humor mixed with the complexity of good versus evil and daily teenage life. I look forward to book two in the series.

“Fashion Kitty”
By Charise Mericle Harper
For Ages 7 – 10
You won’t find any potty humor, like that of "Captain Underpants," but you will find plenty of high-spirited action in this graphic novel for preteen girls. Rated 3.5 (super powers, adolescent relationships, fashion)
Wonder Woman may have met her match… or maybe not, unless you are talking about fashion sense. On Kiki’s eighth birthday she has a slight accident and is knocked unconscious when fashion magazines fall on her head. When she awakens from the bump Kiki is transformed into Fashion Kitty. Able to mix and match hundreds of outfits in a second, avert fashion emergencies and see fashion faux pas in the making, Fashion Kitty has her own style and she is not afraid to show it. The storyline is a little thin, but for girls wanting their own light comic-book-style adventure, Fashion Kitty delivers. The built in fashion flip book is a nice touch too.