Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mysterious Summer Reading

I've just returned from a wonderful vacation in Disney World with my family. The first attraction we rode at the Magic Kingdom was The Haunted Mansion . We always love that one. This time we discovered some new extras. The Disney imagineers have been hard at work. There are new interactive additions in the line and a few special surprises from the hitchhiking ghosts. The mysteries of The Haunted Mansion got me to thinking about reviewing mysteries.

“The Mysterious Four: Hauntings and Heists”

By Dan Poblocki
For Ages 8 – 12
There's a new Scooby gang in town and they want your help in solving the mysteries of Moon Hollow. This is a quick read for young readers. It's fun and help them practice using logic. Rated 3.5 (mystery, interaction, mild creepiness)

When Viola Hart moved with her family to the small town of Moon Hollow, she thought “there can’t be excitement everywhere.” But Viola loved a mystery and knew how to find them anywhere. Upon investigating her new neighborhood she makes quick friendships with Rosie, Woodrow and Sylvester. The corners of their yards come together in back of their houses, so this is where they convene their a new club – a mystery club.
The story progresses with several different kinds of mysteries. Each member of the club shares a story then asks questions on how to solve it. The mysteries are only slightly interactive since the answers are quickly provided, but they are fun and will help children use logic. The gang expose con artists, uncover the truth behind a local river monster and shed light on a far bigger mystery of the paranormal.

The book comes with a code for a free download of the e-book which contains an extra mystery. Young readers will enjoy the adventure and you can be encouraged that the mysteries entice children to pay attention to detail.