Thursday, January 19, 2012

To Nook Or Not To Nook

I decided to Nook. That's right I received a Nook Tablet for Christmas. Actually, my wife and I got it as a joint gift so we are sharing. That's fine, we're good at sharing. After setting up the Nook, I immediately went to the library and began checking out books to read on the Nook. That is where I got this first book to review. Enjoy.

“City of Lies”

By Lian Tanner
For Ages 9 –15
      Goldie and Toadspit are back in this follow up to "Museum of Thieves." The mystery, magic and fantasy have returned with a touch of the creeps, kidnapping and adventure. Rated 3.5 (fiction, danger, magic)
      The children of Jewel are no longer kept under lock and key until their 16th birthdays. But now they have to face the dangers of the world. Although he is gone, the Fugleman is still working behind the scenes to take over Jewel. When Toadspit's sister Bonnie is kidnapped, the adventure heads to the town of Spoke full of strangers, dangers, creeps and lies. Surrounded by new friends, Goldie finds a way to expose the Fugleman's plot, save Bonnie and keep the museum quiet. That's right, the museum is acting up again.
      It's a dark tale with a fantastic landscape, interesting festivals and a lot of fun with language. I look forward to the final installment of the trilogy. In the meantime I am going to spend some time on the Museum of Thieves app.