Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hail to the Chief

President's Day has come and gone but don't worry. If you are not getting your political fix with all the primaries and debates I have the book for you. And if you just want your kids to know more about American independence this is the right book is right for you.

“Those Rebels, John & Tom”

By Barbara Kerley
Illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham
For Ages 6 - 10
Think the The Odd Couple and mix in the American struggle for independence and you'll end up with something like “Those Rebels, John & Tom.” Rated 4.5 (Historical, American Independence, Humor)

The early days of American independence are brought to life through a comparison of contrasting lives and personalities. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were very different. From their political beliefs to their outward appearances. But these two heroes and, eventually presidents, had two things in common. Both abhorred King George and both believed the colonies needed to unite and declare independence. Adams used his quick wit and keen public speaking skills to gain favor and support at the Continental Congress. Jefferson used quick wit and a sharp quill to pen an “expression, in terms plain and firm, of American Independence.” Together they formed a friendship and forged the beginnings of a new country.

An excellent portrait of American strength, formed from the very thing that makes this country so great -- our differences. “Those Rebels, John & Tom” is a little long, but the humor and lively illustrations will keep readers interested until the end.

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