Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to School

I have been doing a lot of thinking about schools recently. My oldest child moves into middle school next year, so we have to decide which middle school it will be. Luckily we have that opportunity. needless to say, everywhere I go school themed stuff seems to jump out at me. The book store is no exeption.

“Skippyjon Jones: Class Action”

By Judy Schachner
For Ages 4 - 8
Skippyjon Jones heads to school for a grand adventure in learning and imagination. Rated 4 (school, imagination, bullying)
Fans of Skippyjon Jones will jump for joy as the little Chihuahua returns for an eventful day at school. He wants nothing more than to attend school, but Skippyjon’s mom explains that it’s not a place for cats. School is where dogs go to be trained. Will that stop Skippyjon? If you know Skippyjon Jones, then you know he will find a way to attend school.
The Skippyjon Jones books are each a celebration of childhood imagination. This one is no different. Skippyjon enters his closet and enrolls at Barker Academy as his alter ego Skipito Friskito, a smart little Chihuahua. The action is erratic and entertaining. Skipito mingles with poodles and beagles. He learns a little French and howls in music class. He even has a spin in a teacup with the schoolyard bully.

The text jumps back and forth between verse and prose with a liberal sprinkling of Spanish words thrown in. It can be confusing, but kids will be too wrapped up in the fun to care. As always, these books are fun to read aloud, especially if you can manage different voices. The book also comes with a bonus CD including a reading by Judy Schachner.

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