Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Cool Kitty

So this Christmas we got a couple kittens. I know I said the next couple posts would be themed to love, and they are. This one just happens to be for lovers of cats.

“I Don’t Want a Cool Cat”

By Emma Dodd
For Ages 3 – 6
Cat lovers and will enjoy this fun romp through crazy rhyming feline attributes. Those who don't like cats may enjoy it too, as a young girl searches for the perfect cat to be her pet. Rated 3.5 (rhyming verse, cats, humor)

Greedy cats, stuffy cats, and treat-me-like-a-fool cats are all represented here as a young girl looks for the one cat she can call her own. She doesn’t want just any teeny cat, she wants the right cat – one that she can love and will love her in return.

Families with cats in the household will enjoy this fun and playful tale. The will have no trouble seeing their cat spelled out on the books pages. The strong rhyming text makes for a good read-aloud story for young readers still working on sounds and rhythm. The bright and energetic illustrations will keep their attention with bright colors and humor. “I Don’t Want a Cool Cat” is the purrfect gift for cat lovers.

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  1. This sounds like an adorable book. Reminds me of the book about the naughty kitty, "Mr. Pusskins." Another adorable story about love and felines!