Monday, December 28, 2009

Bedtime Stories: Gliori's New Tale is a Treat for All Ages

A few years ago my sister-in-law gave me a book titled, "No Matter What." My family and I have fallen in love with the tale of Small and his mother, a pair of foxes. Small is grumpy and tests his mother, Big, throughout the story by saying she doesn't love him. Every parent has heard this at least once. But Small's mother handles the situation perfectly and in so doing we end up with a wonderfully snuggly book for bedtime. Well, Big and small are back in another touching tale. 

"Stormy Weather" 
By Debi Gliori 
For ages 3 – 7
Big and Small return in another great story time picture book from Debi Gliori. Author of the "Pure Dead..." series for children 9 – 12 years old, and illustrator of numerous picture books, it is Gliori's tales of Big and Small that I never hesitate suggesting to other readers.

In this tale the weather has turned foul. Small is having a difficult time sleeping with a storm knocking around outside. Small needn’t worry, Big will watch over her child even while he sleeps. Big explains that even if he were a big polar bear, a bunny or a tiny snail, she would keep watch over him at night.

Gliori brings her characters to life in the adorable illustrations and creates a poignant message of love in her simple rhyming text. The warm, expressive nature of each character will have you and your children lingering on each page. Like "No Matter What," this inviting story will soothe your children during a wonderfully relaxing and peaceful story time before bed. It is a great addition to the Big and Small story and I can't wait for her to write and illustrate another.

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