Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Endless Summer Fun

My boys and I were recently watching "The Endless Summer," a pretty interesting surfing documentary from 1966. Surprisingly they really got into it. The movie got me to thinking about Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end to summer, and spending time on the beach. It all reminded me of a very nice picture book I read this summer.


By Suzy Lee
For Ages 4 – 8
If you have spent any time on the beach during the summer, you have surely witnessed this book in real life. "Wave" follows a small girl discovering the joys of ocean waves. Rated 4 (fiction, summer, no words)

Without a single word, Lee, brings the tale of a young girl discovering the beach and ocean waves to life with charcoal, acrylics and a touch of digital manipulation. The illustrations focus the reader on the simple give and take between the waves and the little girl. First, she chases. Then, she is chased. The waves crash forward and then recede. It’s a simple ballet that ends as a wave finally splashes down upon the girl leaving her wet from head to toe -- and smiling from ear to ear. That is when the little girl discovers other wonders of the sea, such as starfish and shells.

This delightful tale of childhood exuberance and curiosity is wonderfully illustrated with a elegant palette of blue and grey. The simplicity of style and illustration make this a wonderful book for bed or nap time with your children.

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