Saturday, August 13, 2011

Be All You Can Be

I recently finished reading “Entice.” It's a young adult novel about pixies, the supernatural and the choices that make us who we are. I was going to review it immediately, but after thinking about it for a little I decided to highlight a book for younger girls first.

“Not All Princesses Dress in Pink”

By Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple
Illustrated by Anne-Sophia Lanquetin
For Ages 4 – 8
This book is all about being a girl in today's world. Does your daughter want to be a princess or a tomboy? How about both? It's fun, it's action-packed and it will make every little girl smile. Rated 3.5 (princesses, tomboys, self-confidence)

Does your daughter want to be a princess? Maybe she does, but she wants to do it with her own panache. Some princesses wear soccer cleats and baggy shorts with their “sparkly crown.” And some princesses where their jewels while they fix things with power tools. Some princesses even drive dump trucks – while wearing a sparkly crown if they want. Girls of all ages will relate to the princesses in this book and smile.

Not so much a story as it is a message, “Not All Princesses Dress in Pink” makes sure everyone knows that princesses can wear and do whatever they want. It’s an important message for young girls to hear. “Not All Princesses Dress in Pink” keeps the reader’s attention with whimsy, color and energy and would make a good choice for any read-aloud story time.

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