Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Proud To Be Me

My boys went to the summer matinee yesterday. They saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid. One of the main messages was to be yourself. It made me think of a book I read a little over a month ago.

“I’m Me!”

By Sara Sheridan
Illustrations by Margaret Chamberlain
For Ages 4 – 8
You don't need to pretend when when you love being yourself. That's what "I'm Me!" is all about. Rated 3 (imagination, family time, bad manners)
Little Imogen and her aunt always find it fun to pretend, but as this story shows us, sometimes being yourself is the most fun of all. Imogen’s visit to her aunt’s house begins with a little peek-a-boo through the mail slot. The adventure progresses from there. As Imogen begins to say what she wants to do today, her aunt jumps in with suggestions. A pirate, a princess, even an astronaut, but Imogen always replies with a simple no. When Imogen finally reveals that today she just wants to be herself, they rush off to the park to play and swing and buy ice cream.

The colorful illustrations mirror the energy of the text and add a playful style to this fun tale for afternoon story time. Although some children may point out that the aunt is being rude to constantly interrupt this playful story will be a hit with children who know who they are and their aunts.

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