Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get a Clue

I receive a lot of mysteries to review. So I'm sure I will post more throughout the summer, but this next one is the last of my mystery binge. I need to read something else.

“Jack Gets a Clue: The Case of the Beagle Burglar”

By Nancy Krulik
For Ages 5 – 10
If Dr. Doolittle were a young boy and a detective, he might be in stories similar to "Jack Gets a Clue." This simple mystery series is great for emerging readers. Available July 1. Rated 3.5 (mystery, talking animals, humor)
Young Jack has a pretty cool secret. After squirrels pelted him with acorns, Jack discovered he could speak with animals. So when his friend Leo’s homework goes missing and Jack’s dog Scout gets blamed, Jack knows he has to prove his dog’s innocence. He teams up with Elizabeth, who enjoys solving mysteries, to follow the clues to the homework stealing culprit.

This is a short chapter book series for young readers, similar to “Nancy Drew and the Clew Crew” or Encyclopedia Brown.” It’s fun and fast-paced with just enough mystery to keep young readers interested. If you like Krulik’s series, “Katie Kazoo Switcheroo,” or you are just a budding detective, “Jack Gets a Clue” is for you.

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