Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bilingual Anyone?

Do your children take a foreign language class? Both of mine did, but no longer. The school system they attend now does not offer a language class until middle school. We have to supplement their language lessons at home. That got me to thinking about books that include a second language, such as "Bebe Goes Shopping." My children always enjoyed that one, but here is another:

“The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred”

By Samantha R. Vamos
Illustrated by Rafael Lopez
For Ages 4 - 8
If you’ve ever read “The House that Jack Built” you’ll understand the progressive-structured nature of this tale. The farm maiden and all the animals come together to make rice pudding. Rated 3.5 (rhyme, Spanish, recipe)

The story of the farm maiden build as she and the animals work together to make a rice pudding for the evening fiesta. Vamos uses repetition and relationships to expose children to Spanish words and their meanings. The accompanying illustrations, by Lopez, use vibrant colors and layers to evoke a folk art style that matches well with the traditional progressive-structured narrative. Readers will enjoy this rhythmic tale as a read-aloud at story time. They’ll also enjoy the rice pudding recipe and glossary of words, which can be found at the back of the book

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  1. I took three years of spanish in high school, and now I work for a company which has many particular cultures and languages, as we are international. I would love to learn to speak spanish more than I can partially remember.