Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Winter's Tale

All the winter weather we've had in the South this year has me in the mood to build a snowman. Actually my mother and I built a very nice snowman the day after Christmas. I know I'm bragging but it's a good segue for a book review about a snowman.

“Sneezy the Snowman”

By Maureen Wright
Illustrated by Stephen Gilpin
For ages 4 – 8
Think Frosty the Snowman, only the cold has given him a chill. Rated 3.5 (winter, rhyme, energetic illustrations)
If Frosty had a sickly cousin he may just be this book’s title character, Sneezy. Unlike Frosty though, Sneezy’s big problem is the cold. He’s so cold he’s shivering and sneezing. Sneezy tries everything to warm up, from cocoa to a hot bath. Of course nothing works until his friends share a winter hat, scarf, coat and mittens. Between the warmth of friendship and the appropriate winter attire, Sneezy finds a good balance and discovers that winter is just right for him.

Wright's effortless rhyming makes "Sneezy" a fun book for reading aloud. Gilpin adds lively and colorful illustrations to bring Sneezy to life with pizazz.

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