Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Pigs!

A couple years ago I reviewed a book titled, "Chickens to the Rescue." It was a silly adventure with some super chickens on the farm. My children giggled every time we read it. Recently I was in the bookstore and saw the follow up book, "Pigs to the Rescue."

“Pigs to the Rescue”

By John Himmelman
For Ages 3 - 6

If you read "Chickens to the Rescue" you'll find you have already read this story. Just replace everything with pigs. It's cute, silly and good for early readers. If you have not read "Chickens to the Rescue," you'll enjoy this story of pigs who try to help but seem to comically bungle everything. Rated: 3.75 (humor, early reading, fun illustrations)

Himmelman revisits the Greenstalk’s farm in this fun follow-up to “Chickens to the Rescue.” Once again the story flows day-to-day through the course of a week. Each day there is a problem and each day the pigs rush out to save the day. Whether plowing a field, rescuing a kite, or throwing duck a birthday party the pigs do everything in their power to help. Unfortunately for farmer Greenstalk, the pigs are a little too eager and take everything to the extreme. Instead of furrows they dig trenches. And poor duck is swept into the sky by a large bunch of balloons.

What makes this story really fun are the illustrations. The ridiculous outfits and situations are depicted with great detail. Study each picture for funny details, you’ll find plenty. “Pigs to the Rescue” is fun for any kindergarten or first grade student still learning to read and looking for a laugh.

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