Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mmmm, Tasty!

I was watching Iron Chef the other night when Chef Symon made a version of green eggs and ham. This was the second or third time I've seen green eggs and ham on Iron Chef and it got me to thinking about cookbooks for children. I own "The Spatulatta Cookbook," a great book written by sisters, Isabella and Olivia Gerasole. They host and are kids cooking for kids. The green eggs and ham, however, had me thinking of Dr. Seuss. So I decided to review the "Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook." Maybe next time I will review the "Star Wars Cookbook" or "Fairies Cookbook."

By Georgeanne Brennan
Illustrated by Dr. Seuss
Photography by Frankie Frankeny
For ages 7 – 14
A great book to help expose chidlren to cooking and food fun. Rated 4 (tasty and fun recipes, kid context, Seuss rhymes)
Have you ever wondered how the crazy foods in Dr. Seuss’ books might taste? How about some Green Eggs and Ham or Gunker Stew? Georgeanne Brennan answered the question with the “Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook.” It is filled with wonderful creations inspired by the good doctor himself. Try a swig of Pink Ink Yink Drink or a bite of a Daisy Head Maisy Burger. More than 40 recipes will keep you and your children busy and excited about cooking.

Each recipe is accompanied by the original "inspirational" verse and often by Seuss' illustrations as well. The book is spiral bound for easy page flipping. Each page is also laminated to help prevent damage from spills and splatters.

Dr. Seuss fans and crazy kids alike will have fun in the kitchen and at the dinner table with this book. Bon appetit.


  1. What a cute idea! I love cooking with the kids from the Spattulata Cookbook. Especially love the dogs (although they are a lot of work for a hot dog.) Tying the recipe into a story will give it more substance. Sounds like fun for the summer!

  2. I'm just in the process of writing up a post about a cookery book I've been using with my eldest, so I'm very interested to read this post! Are the recipes in the green eggs and ham book actually delicious to eat? Or is most of the fun in the making?

  3. The recipes are fun and tasty. Not sure that I would want them everyday, but once in awhile they are a treat.