Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Olympics and World Peace, Part 2

The Olympics have been a big influence on my reviews the last couple weeks. With the competition quickly drawing to a conclusion I began thinking about the Closing Ceremonies. All the teams and competitors walk in to the stadium as one. No longer are they separated by their country's standards. Everyone celebrates as one body. That is what the Olympics strive to do — bring the world together in peace and happiness to celebrate achievement, character, and sportsmanship. World peace... doesn't that sound nice.

"The Peace Book"
By Todd Parr
For ages 3 – 7
• Another wonderful creation from Parr. It begins the conversations of character and values with your children at a very young age and helps instill the hope that world peace may actually be possible. Rated 4 (vibrant illustrations, good values, hope)  

For those of you unfamiliar with Todd Parr, let me give you a crash course. he writes very simplistic yet moving books that are great for preschool to early elementary-aged children. Kids love the bright and vibrant illustrations, finding them friendly and inviting. The text is easy to understand and the messages are always positive. Whether his book is about moms, dads, being yourself, or world peace, you can rest assured they teach good values and encourage bright smiles.

This time Parr explains the term, "peace" to a young audience who may see the word as confusing, especially if they happen to catch the nightly news occasionally. The lively neon hues aren't peaceful so much as exciting, but the message is strong. Mixing bold dreams of conservation and cultural differences with silly, simplified  ideas of enough pizza in the world (hunger), keeps children interested and connects on their level.

"The Peace Book" is another wonderful creation from Parr. It opens the door to begin teaching character and values to your children at a very young age and helps instill the hope that world peace may actually be possible — even if it must begin on a small scale.

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